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Smooth out your ride with a fresh set of shocks from Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket Boise

Summer here in Boise often coincides with the height of roadwork season, making daily commuting a bit rougher for everyone. However, if your car is riding even rougher than normal, it may be a sign that its shocks are in disrepair. Luckily, repairing and replacing the shock absorbers on your vehicle is well within our wheelhouse here at Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket Boise.


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Struggling to stay cool behind the wheel? It's time for A/C service!

With the weather heating up here in the greater Boise area, it's more important than ever to have your car's A/C system in good working order. However, if you've been having issues with the in-car air conditioning, it may be a good idea to pay us a visit for certified A/C service here at Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket at your earliest convenience.


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How to Combat Road Salt Corrosion

Road salt corrosion is a problem that Boise, ID vehicle owners are all too familiar with. Road salt plays an important role in creating a safer winter driving environment. However, if allowed to remain on your vehicle's surface for too long, it can begin to corrode even a top-notch paint job. What does LHM Used Car Supermarket Boise recommend doing to prevent this from happening?

The first thing we suggest is to make sure that you are keeping up with automotive duties like washes and waxes during the winter. The former duty will wash away any road salt remaining…

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5 Signs You Need New Tires

Here are five signs that your tires are damaged or worn down to dangerous levels:

• Worn Down Treads: Use a penny to check the treads. If the treads do not cover any part of the Lincoln head, then get new tires.
• Uneven Tread Wear: Uneven wear causes tires to lose balance. It also means your vehicle will not have traction in some instances.
• Tire Cracks: Cracks form on the sides of the tires. Small cracks allow you to drive around without any risk of an accident, but large cracks and bulges increase the risk of the tires blowing out.

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Mufflers & Exhausts: Managing Air and Noise Pollution

There are many similarities between the functions of mufflers and exhausts since they both deal with post-combustion gases generated by the internal combustion engine. While mufflers lower exhaust noise, exhausts actually purify the gases, resulting in a cleaner exhaust stream when installed.

The exhaust system of your car is made up of a variety of pipes and components. As soon as the engine has finished burning its fuel, exhaust gas is expelled into the atmosphere. Because the combustion process is a noisy one, mufflers are necessary to muffle the noise and keep your engine

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Why Should You Get Your Vehicle Detailed?

If your car has been looking less than stellar recently, you may be wondering what you can do to make it feel shiny and new again. Here at LHM Used Car Supermarket Boise, we are proud to offer affordable automotive detailing at our dealership near Meridian, ID. We can take care of your vehicle and make it look amazing. Read on to learn more!

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