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Here at Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket Boise, our service center can assist with maintenance on any related component to the fuel system. Visit us at the Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket between Mitchell and Maple Grove at 9380 W. Fairview in Boise

The fuel delivery system of your used car is an intricate series of components. There are many parts to this system, so let's talk about what each one does and what type of maintenance it may need.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter helps keep the gasoline you pump into your car clean and free from foreign debris. In most internal-combustion cars, the fuel filter is housed in a cylinder with connection hoses on top of it. The fuel filter should be replaced between 20,000-30,000 miles to prevent long-term fuel economy issues.

Fuel Lines

The fuel lines are tubes that deliver gasoline to the injectors and combustion chamber. Every so often, the lines should be "bled" to clear them of air bubbles, which can decrease the fuel system's efficacy.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump looks like a rod attached to a tube, and it works to to bring the fuel out of the tank into the fuel injectors. To keep your fuel pump in great shape, try not to let fuel run below a half a tank, as this component is immersed in the fuel tank.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is probably one of the most recognizable parts of the delivery system, as this is where you pump your gasoline. Maintaining this component will involve draining the tank and scrubbing it to rid it of any sludge that expired fuel has left behind. 

Fuel Injection System

The fuel injection system is responsible for converting gas into power for your used car. The fuel lines bring gasoline to the injectors, which typically look like cylindrical cigarette lighters that one would have found in old cars. The injectors convert liquid gasoline into an aerosol, then spray it into a combustion chamber where the spark plugs ignite the aerosol to power the engine.

Fuel injectors on newer cars can be replaced around 50,000 miles or so. However, you should consult with your owner's manual and service schedule to see when yours should be replaced.

Schedule Fuel System Service with Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket Boise 

We invite you to schedule an appointment with our service center and visit Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket Boise for a fuel system service. See you soon!

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