Why Do I Need to Change My Engine Oil?
One vital step to keep your car in good condition is with regularly scheduled oil changes. During normal operation of your vehicle, the oil undergoes thermal breakdown due to high temperatures. This chemical breakdown causes the oil to become less effective at lubricating, resulting in engine parts rubbing together. Oil is crucial to a working vehicle, especially clean oil. Without replacing your vehicles oil on a regular bases, excessive friction within the engine will cause parts to wear each other out (which is expensive to fix!). Keeping up on your manufacturers recommended oil change maintenance intervals will increase the live and longevity of your vehicle. 
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When Do I Need to Change My Engine Oil?
Most manufacturers recommend an oil change between 3,000 - 7,000 miles. These differences come from the type of oil your engine requires (synthetic vs. conventional), as well as individual driving habits and the age of your engine. High-speed driving, dirt roads, continuous hauling and/or towing large loads, and consecutive stop-and-go driving all require extra lubrication and the need for more frequent oil changes. Older and high-mileage vehicles also require additional care and attention. *Always refer to your owners manual for specific information regarding your vehicle.

Where Should I Get My Oil Changed?
At our Service Supermarket we have a team of dedicated lube technicians to take care of your vehicles minor maintenance needs. During an oil change, our trained technician visually inspects fluids and components, checks air pressure in tires, checks brake system, steering and suspension, tops off all fluids and changes the filter. Always refer to your owner's manual for information on when to bring your vehicle in for maintenance service. It's very important to always complete scheduled service on your vehicle. Don't forget to ask your service advisor about saving money with our Prepaid Maintenance Plans!

For an oil change in Boise, Meridian, Nampa or Eagle, come see us at Larry H. Miller Used Car Service Supermarket in Boise, where you will receive the best for your car.

Question About an Oil Change?